Inspired Minds



December 9    The Heartfelt Speech Awakening People to Live a Life True to Themselves!
September 19      The Most Insightful & Life-Changing Ideas from Marcus Aurelius’s Book, “Meditations”
September 16      45 Mind Opening & Inspiring Joe Rogan Quotes
September 10     2 Ideas & 15+ Techniques to Help you Achieve a Clear Quiet Mind
May 31          6 Insights from a Retired Life Coach
May 18         Thoreau Pondering Quotes
April 23        5 Life-Changing takeaways from the Book, “Way Of The Peaceful Warrior”
April 19          4 Philosophy ideas that can bring you temporary peace


July 19             Interview with Youtuber Denise Vlogs
May 18             45 Life Lessons from a 90 year old
March 24        3 Takeaways from Mark Cuban’s Book, How to Win at the Sport of Business


December 10      10 Best Tips from Tim Ferriss
September 5     Interview with Netflix Star from Last Chance U, Ronald Ollie
April 22        Someone you should know: Derek Sivers

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