Guaranteed to improve your life!


For those who are looking to initiate & live out their dream life.

Empowering. Happiness. Confidence. Mental Strength. Seizing Opportunities.

For people who feel stuck but have a desire to do more with their life.

It’s for the people who know deep down that their dream is possible — It is.

Previous hidden dream opportunities will begin to appear as we work together.

You will be empowered with mental strength & confidence to live a happier & more fulfilling life while pursuing your dreams.


“These intangibles that Ken possesses are not something that can be taught  in a classroom; they are innate in nature.”

Jeremy Smail


Why work with me?…

Some of my achievements:

  • Have acted in 3 feature films, 2 television shows, commercials & now I coach acting classes weekly
  • Created a successful blog which helped me land a paid internship with the best selling author Ryan Holiday
  • Received a Masters of Education Degree/Teacher Certification
  • Walked on to a division 2 track team (after being cut the first year of trying out @Indiana University of Pennsylvania)
  • Became a Varsity & J.V. Basketball Coach (Apollo Ridge)
  • Became a Varsity & Middle School Football Coach (Jim Thorpe)
  • +Sports Management Degree & Business Minor
  • Given multiple live presentations & performances
  • Studied in England for 5 months & have been to over 15 countries
  • Got paid to work in San Francisco & Los Angeles for a summer
  • Taught at a juvenile delinquent facility for a year
  • Managed a social media account for the Company 505 Southwestern
How does my Barney tie look?

I grew up in the United States with a lot of love from my family as I shared one bedroom with both of my brothers. My parents raised us well in teaching us what is truly important in life: All the qualities of Love. I learned much including how to use what resources I had wisely from a young age. I continue to be resourceful & seize the opportunities that surround all of us as I save & invest most of my money. You can too.


“Ken is a highly motivated individual that possesses a work ethic that sets him apart from his peers.”

Mark Rosenberger


Sign up for a free 15 minute introductory call at the bottom of this page!


Coaching Outline:

First—A 15 minute phone call intro/overview to see where you are at in life & where you want to be.

•Will provide you with a few things you can do immediately to improve your life & get closer to where you want to be

•Includes techniques you can use that I have learned from the happiest people on the planet including billionaires, authors, artists & professionals in all areas. But more importantly I will provide you with specific techniques & plans designed around your unique life situation to ensure a path of your dreams

•See if this coaching will be right for you

Next—30 or 45 minute phone call or Skype session (your choice).

•More things you can do to initiate your dream life

•Setting you up with a plan of action/the next steps you need to take in the pursuit of your dreams

•Provide you with a few mental practices to strengthen your mind & build confidence (this is essential in living a successful life you love)

•Break down some of your fears & limiting thoughts

Next—30 or 45 minute session.

•Recap of your week. Discuss progress & what steps to take next

•More mental strengthening & confidence building exercises

•Continue breaking down fears & limiting thoughts

•Will have done research to provide you with gem opportunities in or around your area that are hard to be found. Some of these opportunities that will be focused on what you are most interested in include: Communities to join, places you should be, free events, what you can do online, & more

•I will continue to challenge you with full support as you become the best version of yourself


You will be empowered to do things you felt like you could never do. There will be ongoing plans of action, more exercises to improve yourself, networking opportunities & much more.

You will also be receiving weekly emails where I can answer questions you have in-between sessions & give you some simple but very helpful assignments.



•30 minute session/4 times a month+2 weekly emails. $200/month

•45 minute session/4 times a month+3 weekly emails. $290/month


Schedule a free 15 minute introductory call if you’re ready to take the next steps!




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