Have you ever struggled with these?

-Performance Anxiety
-Everyday worries
-Lack of focus & direction

Don’t you feel like you have so much more to give? 

• You knew you could help the team in that position but the coach wouldn’t put you in.
• You knew your idea was the best but you couldn’t convince people without confidence.
• You know if you had a solid routine and put in the work that your business would take off, but after about a month, you struggle to stay motivated.
You know you have a lot of valuable things to share with the world but don’t know how to create a blog.

Sometimes it’s an idea that changes…sometimes it’s a coach, or sometimes you just keep trying and one day you get it. For me it took years, but I always wonder what would my life be like if it had clicked earlier?

I always felt like I could be doing so much better but was trapped in my thoughts. I sat back passively and watched life pass me by waiting for someone to recognize my potential, but no one did. I wish I had known how to confidently express these feelings and thoughts to someone, but I kept it to myself and lived with it throughout high school and some of college.

In the beginning of my sophomore year of college I decided to try out for my University’s division II track team. I could run a 2-minute half-mile so I was shocked to get an email informing me I didn’t make the team. I trained and tried out again the following year. I got another email saying I didn’t make the team, but this time I couldn’t just accept that, so I walked across campus to talk to the coaches. I asked their reasons why I didn’t make it and discussed with them why I would be a great fit for the team. A day or two later I received another email saying I was now on the team.

I continued taking confident actions toward what I wanted…

Could I have made the team if I didn’t believe in myself and take action?
Could I have interned with the best-selling author Ryan Holiday?
Could I have acted in multiple movies, tv shows, commercials, and become an acting teacher?
Could I have grown this awesome mustache?

coacht.blog Ken Thompson Panda

Self-doubt turned to confidence.
Anxiety turned to tranquility.
Distraction turned to focus.

The years of underlying pain seemed long, but they helped me grow in consideration for others. It made me want to lessen any and all suffering people are going through and encourage people to live happy and self-assured. It felt as if I had woken up from a bad dream and now had an opportunity to truly live.


Deep down you know you have what it takes to be and do more with your life.


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