My name is Ken. I currently teach acting classes and do acting work. 


I have worked as an editorial intern for Ryan Holiday’s company, an assistant coach for high school football and basketball teams, taught HPED classes at a juvenile facility after receiving my Masters in Education & have worked in marketing. 

A few things I enjoy are learning, reading, writing, seeking spiritual aspects of life, philosophizing, and being a positive impact to those around me.

I write with the hopes of opening minds to both enduring & innovative ideas. I believe we can learn from everything and everyone, no matter our age. I categorized my writings into 3 sections: Inspired Minds, Lifestyle, and Psychological Philosophy. I’m always up for new ideas & suggestions so feel free to email me with anything you would like to share!

I also send an email out each week with quotes to think about, ideas to guide you toward your dreams, and other things I am learning, reading, and writing. Subscribe here if you’d like to join the list!


Last Thing Here!A free copy of 7 methods the happiest & most successful people use to live their dreams.

I’m sure you already know these methods but it can serve as a reminder and includes how I am using these methods in my life.

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