Hello. I’m Coach T.


Welcome! Just like you I have experienced unique ups & downs that life brings to us all.

Studying and practicing the topics of  Mindfulness & Philosophy, as well as my life experiences have given me insight to live a full life. I have learned how important it is to cultivate inner peace first, seeing how things fall into place afterward. I hope my articles can help you also life a full life; to realize your dreams and to live them out.

In 2018 I  became an editorial intern for the best selling author & famous Stoic Ryan Holiday & continue to ghost write for others. I have been involved with multiple Feature Films & TV shows, I teach acting and am a working actor on the side.

Through my own experiences as well as studying people who seem to “have it all” I have found that Mindful living is one of the biggest keys to success in any field. Mindful in the way of listening, observing & trusting life, as well as seeking out opportunities & working hard. Inner Peace is required.

I am constantly reading and learning to help myself and help everyone else live their best life. Being human I am far from perfect, but I strive to learn new things daily and live life to the fullest. I hope some of my Words can help you live your best life.

Masters of Education.  Sports Management Degree & Business Minor.


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