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December 19 A True Leader’s Stance

December 18 Good News

December 17 This Is How Change Is Made

December 17 The Fruit Of Patience

December 16 A Simply Deep Message

December 12 The Power of Vision

December 11 The Wisdom of Dreaming

December 6 Simplicity is Sophistication

December 3 Happiness Is The Path

December 1 Action > Chatter

November 30 10 Quotes From Dan Millman’s The Peaceful Warrior To Bring You Happiness Today

November 28 1 Empowering Message From The Alchemist

November 22 5 Joseph Campbell Quotes About Faith in Following YOUR Path

November 20 4 Quotes on The Importance of Remembering Death

November 19 4 Best Things To Do In Dubrovnik Croatia

November 19 Act With Purpose

November 18 The JOY Of Missing Out

November 18 Nature’s Secret

November 12 2022 Revelations

November 11 17 Marcus Aurelius Quotes On Dealing with Other People


October 13 Trusting Life

October 12 The Road Less Traveled

October 11 A Million Dreams

October 10 Know Your Why

October 9 To Blame or Not To Blame

October 8 Live With Purpose

October 7 The Power of Love

October 6 Wash Your Bowl

October 5 Integration

October 4 Persevere

October 3 Patience

October 2 Direction

October 1 Do It Today

September 30 What is your gift?

September 29 4 Important Pieces Of Career Advice I Learned While Interning With Ryan Holiday (Published on Collective World)

September 28 Where are you going?

September 27 Ask Quality Questions

September 26 Perspective

September 25 To Break or Not To Break?

September 24 Ignore The Distracting Noises

September 23 Reclaim Your Mind

September 22 Rest & Be Kind

September 21 Adversity is a Gift

September 20 Turn Inaction into Action

September 19 Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

September 18 Express Yourself

September 17 Assemble Your Life

September 16 Do Your Work & Then Live

September 15 Ask Impossible Questions

September 14 Imagination Exercise

September 13 Compare Less. Do More.

September 12 Stay Focused

September 11 Self-Directed

September 10 Everybody is a Genius

September 9 Actions>Feelings

September 8 Keep It Moving

September 7 Stargazing

September 6 Your Shot

September 5 God Bless It All

September 4 Your Dreams Are Yours

September 3 The Artist’s Life

September 2 Jesus’s Sword

September 1 One Day

August 31 Begin Today

August 30 Do The Work

August 29 Fall Seven Times & Rise Again

August 28 F*ck Your Niche

August 28 Comparison is the thief of joy

August 27 Change Happens Now

August 26 Love your fate

August 25 The Power of The Dream

August 24 The Power of Prayer

August 23 The Power of Your Imagination

August 22 What are you waiting for?

August 21 FEEL your way to SUCCESS

July 26 Setting Expectations

July 24 No such thing as “normal”

July 22 Memento Mori

July 20 Ego & Soul


December 17 Insights from Alan Watt’s book, What Is Zen?

November 13 27 Empowering Quotes from Don Jose Ruiz’s Wisdom of the Shamans

October 6 Tony Robbins Free Resources

August 13 The Boat Parable

August 11 A Herd of Cows Parable

August 10 Exclusive Interview with Mindful Ambition’s Patrick Buggy

August 3 Mystic Metaphysics

August 2 Intro to Stoicism

July 11 “If” Inspirational Poem by Rudyard Kipling

June 27 5 20th Century Books That Can Transform Your Mind

June 25 Change Your Life By Changing Your Thoughts

June 18 29 Power of Your Subconscious Mind Quotes from Joseph Murphy

June 15 Use Imagination to Create Your Life

June 12 Intro to A Panda’s Journey

June 10 21 Best Buddha Quotes Showing The Power of Your Mind

June 8 What Is Imagination?

June 5 25 Law of Mind Quotes from Geniuses

June 5 A 3-Step Process to Begin Creating YOUR Life

June 4 What Impact Do Your Thoughts Have?

June 3 How to Work with a Leader in Your Industry

May 21 A Panda’s Journey – Path to Empower

May 21 The Blind Men and Elephant Parable

April 1 “The Chinese Bamboo Tree” Parable by Les Brown

March 30 Where are you really? By Dan Millman

March 27 Intro to Timothy Leary

March 26 Intro to Alan Watts

March 25 Coronavirus & The Power of Media

March 16 20 Stoic Related Quotes in Response to the Coronavirus

March 15 “A Cup of Tea” Zen Story

March 3  10 Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block

February 10 If You Want To Change Your Life, You Have To Change Your Perspective (Published on Thought Catalog)

February 9 Joaquin Phoenix Oscars 2020 Award Speech Transcript

February 7 Don’t look back for too long…

January 30  Your Perspective IS Your Reality

January 24  5 Joseph Campbell Quotes to Live Fully

January 7 4 Ricky Gervais’s 2020 Golden Globes Insightful Moments

January 3  Think Like da Vinci: Connect the Unconnected


December 19    Actions>Thoughts

December 12   The POWER of Belief

December 6 I Took Ryan Holiday’s Career Advice And It Got Me An Internship With Him (Published on Thought Catalog)

December 5 9 Paulo Coehlo Quotes on Being Tested in Pursuit of Your Dreams 

November 28 12 Eckhart Tolle Quotes On How Your Best Life Is Lived Beyond Words

November 28 10 Dan Millman Quotes On Living Beyond Words And In The Present Moment

November 21 39 Marcus Aurelius Quotes To Expand And Deepen Your Thinking

November 14 19 Joseph Campbell Quotes That Can Inspire You To Follow Your Bliss

November 7  13 Paulo Coelho Quotes on Following Your Dreams

October 31  8 Dan Millman Quotes on Being Happy Without Reason

October 24   21 Ego-Defining Eckhart Tolle Quotes to Enlighten Your True Self

October 17    30 Marcus Aurelius Quotes on Why You Should Focus on Yourself

October 10    17 Motivational Quotes to Keep You Going

October 3    Here’s Why You Actually Should Try To Be Perfect (Published on Thought Catalog)

October 3     17 Quotes That Will Inspire You to Live Your Dream

September 27  What’s Normal for the Spider is Chaos for the Fly

September 19  Perfection IS the Goal. Progress is what we get.

September 12  A John Lennon Song for Dreamers & Doers

September 5  Why It’s ESSENTIAL for you to Define Success

September 3  2 Acting Strategies to Improve Work and Life

August 22  It’s okay to fail

August 20  4 Encapsulating Messages from the Book “The Alchemist”

August 15  Stop Waiting. Start Doing.

August 8  Define Success For Yourself and 49 Quotes

August 1  Alan Watts Best 69 Quotes

July 25    So Why Pandas?

July 25    Finding Your Writing Voice (Published on Lighthouse Writer’s Site)

July 11     Space Pioneers

July 4       Finding Joy Now

June 27    Achieve Goals with Focus

June 20    How Laughing Can Improve Your Life 

June 13    How to Succeed Through Failure

June 6     How Doubt Breeds REAL Confidence

May 30     It’s okay to not know

May 23    The Question IS The Answer

May 20    Why The Key To Being Successful Is Ignoring 99% Of What You Hear (Published on Thought Catalog)

May 16     In All Things, Use what Works for You

May 9       Stop Looking Back & Live Life like you’re Driving

May 2       Let Memento Mori Inspire You

April 25    Replace your FOMO with JOMO

April 18      How to Stop Comparing Yourself & Seize the Day

April 13     How to construct beneficial meaning from ALL life experiences

March 26    Letter from a dying 27 year old

March 14     3 Transformative Messages from Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth”

March 8   The Ultimate Parable on How to Escape the 9-5 and Do What You Love

February 21    30 Essential Messages from Emerson’s “Self-Reliance”

February 14   The Collapse & Renewal of “The System”

January 23     Space is NOT the Final Frontier

January 15     Exclusive Justin Allen Interview


December 15    Awaken the Ego

December 9    The Heartfelt Speech Awakening People to Live a Life True to Themselves!

November 17    Explaining Precisely What Jim Carrey is trying to tell us. Plus Jim’s Illuminating Quotes

October 19        3 Ways To Live a Life You Won’t Regret in 30 Years

October 3          The Basis for Global Equality & The One Thing That Will Truly Transform The World

September 19      The Most Insightful & Life-Changing Ideas from Marcus Aurelius’s Book, “Meditations”

September 16      45 Mind Opening & Inspiring Joe Rogan Quotes

September 10     2 Ideas & 15+ Techniques to Help you Achieve a Clear Quiet Mind

July 31        What would you do if you didn’t have to worry about Money?

July 9           The Myth of Perfection

June 28        Two Monks: A Short Story On Living In The Moment

May 31         6 Insights from a Retired Life Coach

May 18         Thoreau Pondering Quotes

May 3           Think Less to Live More

April 23        5 Life-Changing takeaways from the Book, “Way Of The Peaceful Warrior”

April 19         4 Philosophy ideas that can bring you temporary peace

April 11          Good luck? Bad luck? Who knows?

April 4           Dream Big. How I got Involved with Acting

March 19       It’s okay to feel bad


October 5       3 Reasons to Create a World Anthem and a New American National Anthem

July 20            Question your Assumptions

July 19             Interview with Youtuber Denise Vlogs

July 18             Life is NOT about making Money

June 21            6 Human Needs; Why all people do what they do

May 18             45 Life Lessons from a 90 year old

April 28           Get more free time by using Parkinson’s Law!

April 21           My 3rd, 4th and 5th Weeks in Denver

March 28        My Second Week in Denver

March 24        3 Takeaways from Mark Cuban’s Book, How to Win at the Sport of Business

March 21         My First Week in Denver


December 10      10 Best Tips from Tim Ferriss

September 5     Interview with Netflix Star from Last Chance U, Ronald Ollie

May 2                   Think Big and You’ll Live Big

April 22                Someone you should know: Derek Sivers

April 21                Action Cures Fear

April 19               Tricks to Motivate Yourself