May 18         Thoreau Pondering Quotes
May 3           Think Less to Live More
April 23        5 Life-Changing takeaways from the Book, “Way Of The Peaceful Warrior”
April 19         4 Philosophy ideas that can bring you lasting peace
April 11          Good luck? Bad luck? Who knows?
April 4           Dream Big. How I got Involved with Acting
March 19       It’s okay to feel bad

October 5       3 Reasons to Create a World Anthem and a New American National Anthem
July 20            Question your Assumptions
July 19             Interview with Youtuber Denise Vlogs
July 18             Life is NOT about making Money
June 21            6 Human Needs; Why all people do what they do
May 18             45 Life Lessons from a 90 year old
May 13             Getting Super High in Colorado
April 28           Get more free time by using Parkinson’s Law!
April 21           My 3rd, 4th and 5th Weeks in Denver
March 28        My Second Week in Denver
March 24        3 Takeaways from Mark Cuban’s Book, How to Win at the Sport of Business
March 21         My First Week in Denver

December 10      10 Best Tips from Tim Ferriss
September 5      Interview with Netflix Star from Last Chance U, Ronald Ollie
May 2                   Think Big and You’ll Live Big
April 22                Someone you should know: Derek Sivers
April 21                Action Cures Fear
April 19                Tricks to Motivate Yourself

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