Hello. My name is Ken. I currently teach acting classes and act! 

I can almost grow a beard!

I have worked as an editorial intern for Ryan Holiday’s company publishing posts for dailystoic.com and diving deep into stoic philosophy. I’ve been an assistant coach for high school football and basketball teams, taught HPED classes at a juvenile facility after receiving my Masters in Education & have worked in marketing. 

Me with Ryan Holiday. I learned it’s better to take a selfie than to have a stranger take a blurry picture.

A few things I enjoy are learning, reading, writing, seeking spiritual aspects of life, philosophizing, and being a positive impact to those around me.

The journey is not all rainbows & butterflies but I’ve found joy in pursuing my passions. I write with the hope of inspiring you to choose joy today instead of thinking joy will come in retirement.

I believe there is always something to learn and that we can learn from everything and everyone if we are willing to listen.


“These intangibles that Ken possesses are not something that can be taught  in a classroom; they are innate in nature.”
Jeremy Smail

“Ken is a highly motivated individual that possesses a work ethic that sets him apart from his peers.”
Mark Rosenberger

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With my fellow graduates!



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