Best known for apprenticing under Ryan Holiday, author of Ego Is the Enemy and creator of The Daily Stoic.

Here’s a little more…

Born and raised in Pennsylvania
29 years old
Middle child, 2 brothers and 2 sisters

I was an active child, played sports from whenever I can remember. Love playing basketball, football, soccer, volleyball. Ran track in college. Assistant basketball and football coach after graduating, a teacher as well.

Studied abroad in Worcester, England for a semester, traveled to multiple countries.

Graduated with my M.Ed., Sports Management B.S. with a Business Minor.

I love philosophy and meaningful conversations.

Reading and writing too.
I began this blog in 2016 for fun.
Two years later I started getting paid to write so I got more serious about writing.
Got an apprenticeship with the author Ryan Holiday.
Researched, learned, and wrote a lot. Still do and I love it.

I don’t publish most of what I write.
I see writing like chiseling a sculpture—I gather loads of information on a subject and then break it down to essential parts. I journal a lot too and keep that to myself.

Besides writing I coach actors, athletes, and entrepreneurs.

I’m a dreamer, but also a doer. I believe it’s possible for us to do what we want to do, if we first do what we need to do. But even before that, we must know what it is we want to do.

One of my favorite questions to ask people is “How would you spend your time if you didn’t have to worry about money?”