Free Monologues

Just getting started on this. If you have any character ideas that you’d like a monologue written for please send it my way and I’ll draft one up for free!

Monologues For Kids

Monologues for Tweens and Teens
V-Sauce Michael

The Man In All Black

Monologues For Adults
“Carpe Diem” A Robin William’s Compilation (from Dead Poet’s Society)

2 thoughts on “Free Monologues

  1. Thank you Ken. No need to publish this reply.
    A whole lot of your new posts arrived in my email today and I thought: Boy he’s on a mission today! Or: is he going through a bad patch and he’s posted these to get him over the hump? (Significant that I wondered both)
    Actually earlier I was sharing with my husband my experience of having re-booted (at your CoachT suggestion) my definition of Success. (reaching outcomes easefully). Interesting tfor me to reflect on that.
    My latest (see Robin Williams) act of daring is to have entered my “writing our way whole” practice into a rural Business Start-up Competition – social enterprise section. Made it to the final, didn’t win. Made some useful contacts en route. Now trying to “let go” any attachment to outcome! Trying to rejoice that I did “seize the day” and that seizing isn’t the same as grasping, grabbing – can also involve unclenching the fist and waving goodbye… and also (as today) lying on the couch letting easefulness snuggle up with torpor, sloth, and convalescence (I have post-viral cough and exhasution at the mo)
    Thanks for the inspirational inbox and for making me laugh at spinosaurus. There is a momologue writer in me too (a sad clown; what else?). If you like I will send you a poem about her, and her relationship with her wise mentor who is “waiting in the wings”

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    • Hi Kathy,
      Great to hear from you. Yea I think both of your thoughts are accurate – that I am on a mission and also lately I have been questioning what all I should publish, and that idea kind of left me not publishing much, even though I have literally hundreds of writings that I haven’t made public. I think I will publish them throughout time, but I felt these acting posts were right to publish now.
      I’m so happy to hear about you re-booting your definition of success through my post and sharing it with your husband 🙂 That means a lot to me, so glad it has helped you.
      So cool to hear about the competition – that you seized the day regardless of the outcome and also looked at the positives of that experience. So true that seizing isn’t grasping or grabbing, but instead it’s making the most out of the day in the position we are in, which you are seizing it with rest currently-hope you feel well soon.
      Spinosaurus!! Haha, I wrote this monologue based on one of my 5 year old students who loves acting like a dinosaur. I would love to read your sad clown writing-if it’s in monologue or dialogue form I could publish it as a guest post if you’d like – send to either way and let me know. It sounds interesting.


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