Coronavirus & The Power of Media

This is a hypothetical example representing the power of media.

The coronavirus is real, but what if it wasn’t?

You see the impact it has had in yours and others’ lives. It’s shutting cities down, countries down!

And although this is just a hypothetical example of how powerful the media is, imagine if coronavirus was fake…

Look at the impact we’ve all had from hearing about this virus. The bad news is spreading quicker than the virus.

Do you see the impact media has?

It is causing everyone to react, myself included.

The coronavirus is just one of the few things the media is spreading. They usually spread subtle messages, but this is blatant.

The next time you’re watching/hearing/listening to media, question it. Question what is in your control and focus on what you can do.

If the coronavirus weren’t real, look at what fake news has caused.

Again, this is hypothetical, just a thought experiment.

Hope you’re staying safe and smart.

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