4 Best Things To Do In Dubrovnik Croatia

1)Hike Fort Imperial Trail

A 45-75 minute ascending hike depending on your endurance. Recommended for anyone who loves nature & exercise as the trail is both dirt & rocks surrounded by trees and wonderful city views.

The higher you climb, the climber you high.

2)Walk The City Walls

Take your time walking the City Wall loop. View the City from multiple perspectives & imagine being a city watcher – looking out for intruders & getting your cannons ready to fire!

3)Walk The Old Town

One of the great appearances of Dubrovnik is the Old Town. Multiple castles, narrow walls, cement/rock streets makes you feel like you’re really living in a centuries old town.

4)Gradac Park

Take a casual walk in & through Gradac Park for some peace & calm in an already peaceful & still city.

No matter where you go throughout this beautiful city you will discover scenic views everywhere.

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