So Why Pandas?

It’s quite simple actually.

I was at the Washing DC zoo in 2014 the first time I saw a panda in person. The moment I saw the panda I knew it was love, so I guess love at first sight is a real thing. And no not a romantic love, weirdos. It was an admiration. This panda was the most chill animal I had ever seen. It was just sitting down chomping on some bamboo with no worries in the world. I thought this was the coolest animal ever. And pandas look awesome too.

I’m not the biggest fans of zoos because it seems like a prison for some animals but there are some rescue and rehab zoos that do help animals.

Ken Thompson Panda

Picture I took of the Panda that changed my life

I love all animals but pandas are my people. If I were an animal I would definitely be a panda.

Or is this just to hide the fact that I joined the illuminati? …

What animal would you be?