The Basis for Global Equality & The One Thing That Will Truly Transform The World

There are so many things we all make a necessity that aren’t a necessity,” I wrote in a journal a few months ago…

This led me to asking notwhat does the world need most?” Because the world will be fine with or without humans. But “what do we, as humans, actually need to survive & evolve?” …Food, Sleep…& Clean Water even more so, which millions of people don’t have access to.

What blew my mind even more was that about 20 minutes before I thought & wrote about human necessities, I was thirsty, but didn’t drink the filtered bottled water next to my bed because I had refilled it a day or two before & thought “this is old.”

Minutes later in the moment I was writing about water I had an earnest realization about how much myself & many others take any type of water for granted. So I drank the water & it tasted, like water. A yearning was also sparked in me to raise awareness on the water crisis & help in any way I can.

This post is primarily meant to raise awareness on the water crisis going on in the world, but it may also open your mind up to a new way of thinking. Food & water are a privilege that many of us take for granted.

Some water statistics pulled from multiple sites:

• Every minute a newborn dies from infection caused by lack of safe water and an unclean environment. (WHO, 2015) (

• 1 in 10 people lack access to clean water. (

• 2.3 billion people don’t have a decent toilet & 31% of schools don’t have clean water. (WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP) Report 2017) (

•By 2025, half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas. (

• Worldwide, 1 out of every 5 deaths of children under 5 is due to a water-related disease. (

•More statistics here:

What is the one thing that will help transform us & the world we live in? …

Unconditional Love

I know there are numerous amounts of issues that need to be resolved on this planet. Not “our” planet, because we don’t own it, but they are all important & can be resolved in time through the means of unconditional love.

I believe creating clean water systems & giving people access to clean water is one of the most important needs for people as a whole. I know equality at every level in the world is out of balance, but it is especially out of balance for those who don’t have access to a human’s most basic survival needs. Without clean water people are constantly in survival mode, can never grow, & are dying without ever being able to enjoy many parts of life we take for granted.

Water is a beginning solution for growth, just like flowers, plants, vegetables & so many forms of what life is made of. Why don’t we share the joy of water with others? We’ve seen where fear has taken the human race. Why not give love a chance?

Love, unconditional love is what is needed to transform hearts & minds which in turn will transform the world. Giving without expecting anything in return. Giving with joy. & yes, to the pessimistic, the unconditional love a person gives will often be misused, but what you can’t currently see are the seeds being planted from unconditional love. These seeds will one day blossom into beautiful flowers as we & the world transform.

World peace is a possibility. Your fear is what holds you back from thinking it is a possibility…Think about ways in which you can live in a state of love, unconditional love, which is an action…

Patience is an action. Kindness is an action. Not boasting or being proud is an action. Not dishonoring others is an action. Being selfless is an action. Not being easily angered is an action. Not keeping record of wrongs is an action. Not delighting in evil but rejoicing in the truth is an action. Always protecting, trusting, hoping & persevering are actions. Love never fails as Corinthians gives us these traits of love.

Do I fail at loving unconditionally? Yes, often. But I work on it. I remind myself to look toward the traits of love & think about how I can act with unconditional love. We might not feel like being patient, but we can still choose to be patient. Love is an action, not a thought.

Anyway! I took hours to research water non-profit organizations & found many that seem great & reliable. In the end, wherever I donate to, I can’t know whether my money will go to helping build a sustainable water system or be given to an employee who is working to resolve the water crisis. Either way I know it will go toward a good cause & it will help people. (I looked up the statistics for how much of each organization’s donation go to helping others & how much goes to employees—Most use 90% to help and 10% for administration/work related—At least the ones I mention.)

I found that is the most reliable & popular water non-profit, but I donate & want to get more involved with as I see their potential & hope to work with an up & coming non-profit organization. I want to raise more awareness on this crisis & hopefully one day go out & physically work to build clean water systems & create sustainable plans for communities.

Another water non-profit I think is good is is another popular water non-profit that is doing amazing things but I am not sure how to think about the loans they are giving to people in need of clean water…I want to be part of a group that gives & doesn’t expect anything in return for it, but someone could explain the pros of the loans?

There are a million, maybe billions of issues we have as humans, so whatever cause you are helping with, you are appreciated. I believe that the things done in authentic unconditional love will ultimately be the things that transform us & the world around us.

Your genuine desire to help will be what changes this world.

7 thoughts on “The Basis for Global Equality & The One Thing That Will Truly Transform The World

  1. Heartwarmed by your post. Some additional aspects of this issue, with links to organisations… feel free to use in future blogs:

    Toilet Twinning is an initiative about which you can read here:


    and you can read about the loo paper brand Andrex’s involvement with Water Aid:

    and while we are on the subject of ethical toilet paper you could check this one out:

    Love to you, Coach T

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  2. I appreciated this post a great deal. I just published a post on an allied topic—the impact of climate change on the ocean’s food chain. I hope you’ll visit: “Why You and I Need to Care About Phytoplankton—and What We Can Do About Them.” (I also have a few posts on mindfulness.) Cheers!

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