Perfection IS the Goal. Progress is what we get.

A lot of people say “don’t try to be perfect” but I disagree.

DO try to be perfect but FIRST DEFINE what perfect is for you!

Perfect is an ideal but it IS something to aim for.

If you don’t aim for the bullseye you’ll never hit it.

If you’re a pitcher in baseball you usually aim for the strike zone.
Pitchers aim for perfection.

Aim for progress and you’ll get less than that.

Aim for perfection and you’ll get progress.

Think about areas in your life that you would like to improve and then aim for the best possible outcome.

The more you aim for what you want, the more you’ll get it. Again, a dart thrower wanting to hit bullseye but never aiming for bullseye will most likely never hit it.

Of course not everything will go perfect, but if you never aim for it you’ll never come close.

Set your aim to the best possible outcome, take action, repeat.

Perfection is the aim. Progress is what you get.

2 thoughts on “Perfection IS the Goal. Progress is what we get.

  1. Words!! And yes a lot of quotes that’s getting shared in nowadays in social media are misleading. People just read them and just absorb the idea without analyzing it thinking deeper into it. I totally agree with what you have mentioned about perfection. We should aim for the BEST!
    Have a wonderful day 😊

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    • True! Defining what each words means to us is super important. -There are general definitions of each word but once we define them we can be more sure of where we are headed.
      Have a wonderful day as well and thanks for your words!

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