“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”
– Aristotle

Where are you going?

What’s the rush?

Sometimes a sense of urgency is necessary, and sometimes it’s not.

And sometimes we’re all so busy rushing around that we forget the joy in this moment.

Take a deep breath.

Be here, now.

And from here, you can go anywhere.

2 thoughts on “Patience

  1. I read this last night, at the end of a process of clearing all the rooms for a major heating re-fit. To be honest I was aching with accumulated tension, from woman-handling furniture and lifting heavy boxes … noticing the unwelcome return of anxiety, a historic residue from similar “invasion” situations in the past.

    This morning, the installers phoned in, to postpone by a week due to illness.

    So, with a wry smile I read your words again, Ken, and am imagining for myself how to “best” use the intervening week in a stripped-down home with all the stuff “put away safely”.

    A mindfulness retreat out into the countryside? Starting on the decorating? A wild party? An art project postponed for decades? The usual journalling and letter writing? A massive “throwing away” initiative (the cupboards are overflowing, mostly with “treasures” gathered from the seashore)?

    Time will tell … and as my therapist has sometimes said “You can do anything, Kathy, and you can’t do everything!”

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