What’s Normal for the Spider is Chaos for the Fly

Nothing and no one is “normal”.

There are solely commonalities labeled as normal, and rarities labeled as abnormal, in relation to YOUR experiences...

Spiders build webs to catch flies and other bugs. Flies eat poop, fly around, and many get caught in spiders’ webs, which results in the fly’s death and a spider’s meal. It’s chaos for the fly, but extremely common for the spider.

The same notion can relate to humans – what’s normal for one human would be chaos for another. 

For example, say JonJo grows up in a loving household where arguments almost never happen. JonJo goes over to his friend Willis’s house where Willis’s parents argue on the daily — this causes JonJo discomfort because it’s not what he is used to; this is chaos for JonJo, but it’s predictable for Willis.

Another example is in regards to the food we eat. Let’s say JonJo grew up in a household that eats a variety of foods, including all sorts of meats. Willis, on the other hand, grew up in a house that doesn’t eat meat, except for dog on occasion, as dog is a popular food in some countries. JonJo may see eating dog as chaos where Willis doesn’t, and I’m sure the dog sees it as chaos.

The main takeaway from this idea is that every“one” and every“thing” is trying to do things that are normal to them. “Normal” is a predisposition – it’s a concept that has been uniquely formed in each person as a result of the environment they grew up in and the experiences they have had.

This also relates to societal standards throughout time. What was once accepted as normal is now considered chaos, and some things that were considered chaos are now seen as normal. It usually depends on who is judging the experience, but there is an elusive objective perspective.

There is no such thing as “normal”.
There’s solely what is normal for you.

You are the spider AND the fly…
It just depends on who is doing the interpreting.