Space is NOT the Final Frontier

As Columbus discovered new land so we too are seeking new land…beyond Earth.

Columbus is just the face of discovering new land—There were many others who ventured out in search of different environments.

(And please don’t bring any flags that only cause division and chaos.)

So what will happen if we do discover livable land for humans outside the Earth?

Will we be able to cooperate with possible alien life?
Or will we act as humans in the past, in fear, and try to take over their colony?

This is why we need to change what is within us before seeking new land.

Right now and throughout the past we observe separation & struggle in this chaos we call life. This will only continue if we don’t change what is within.

Miscommunications and misunderstandings divide us.

As we seek new land in space, it’s important to remember that quality of life is foremost, and we can only achieve that by working together, helping each other, and through cooperative education.

Imagine hundreds of years from now…Humans discussing the past, discussing the time and place we are currently in.

Will they talk of the chaos and separation?
Will they talk of how we changed & came together?

The frontier that needs to first be sought out is ourselves.

We must first change what is within us to change what is outside of us.

You are writing history with your life. 

How shall it be?

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”
T.S. Eliot

7 thoughts on “Space is NOT the Final Frontier

  1. Excellent! I have recently started posting more and more about the fallible, gullible, bias, and inaccuracies of human perceptions, almost solely based being on what we already think we know, and based on the associations we have. The ridiculous amount of fake news, the social media algorithms that generate news feeds your already agreeing with filled with divisive misinformation. Two things; everyone thinks I’m talking about “the others”, and not them. Both parties here in the states are so incredibly bias to their own positions it’s almost inconceivable. The fix (I believe) is for us to understand and accept the faults of human neurology/cognition, to realize they/we are both wrong in our beliefs, alliances, faiths, all of it is an illusory truth syndromes wet dream. We are so trusting to the reality we’re exposed to, our tribal and herd natures are killing us, and there is nothing to fight over. Come together and stop the nonsense, people. You want to see what the world is like go meet your neighbors. It ain’t the same as the news loves to divide us. Very little actual wrong here. It’s all perceptions. Only then should we colonize anywhere at all. The last frontier m—coming together!! I like

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  2. On the first one—
    “Together everything is possible.” I like that.
    I agree with this one that unity will help us solve problems and if we continue staying divided we will just get the same chaotic results.

    On the second one—
    I love the stuff about perception and how the human brain is susceptible to input based on what we think we know.
    I agree that questioning things are important, like religion as you mention in this post. Anything is possible and different paths may lead to fulfillment.
    Question—What do you think people should focus on instead of spiritual teachings?

    On the third one—
    Interesting. I agree that all people should use reason and ask questions about their faith, but I also think life is so unexplainable that there are things in this Universe beyond human reason.

    Thanks for sharing these!


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