Achieve Goals with Focus

My to-do list grows bigger and I start taking less action…

Am I the only one who gets distracted with all the “to-dos” and end up not getting anything done?

Sometimes I want to complete so many things that I end up completing nothing or going halfway on a task. This is when I remind myself to do less and Focus.

We are bombarded with numerous options every day of our lives. It can seem nice to have options but often the more options we have the more distracted we become.

So I ask myself, “What is a long-term goal I have and what do I need to do next to achieve it?”

I like this question but sometimes a clear answer doesn’t come to mind when I ask this. This is when Focus comes into play again.

At this point I think about a few things I could do to achieve my long-term goal. I might not be 100% sure about what to do but I choose an action whether it’s to write a blog post, create a video, work on social media, etc.

I follow one course until successful. I do it until it’s complete. And then I ask myself again, “What is a long-term goal I have and what do I need to do next to achieve it?”

What’s a long-term goal you have?

What actions are you taking to achieve it?

8 thoughts on “Achieve Goals with Focus

  1. I find this issue a problem. Too many things to do and I end up not getting anything accomplished. Though at times I do but don’t give myself enough credit for what did get done. I am now focusing on a few things which are on a list that I refer to often each day to stay on track.

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    • That’s a great strategy – to focus on a few tasks instead of getting distracted with looking at numerous tasks to do. I agree that it’s really good to remind ourselves of the things we have accomplished.


  2. “Often the more options we have the more distracted we become.” This is so true! That sometimes hinders our progress. Finding the balance and prioritizing tasks is so important at that type of situations. Thank you for the great reminder 😊

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  3. Dear coachtblog, yes I have had days when I don’t land up finishing my to-dos….well staying on one track is quite boring for a person like me…..boredom just sets in and then that task is on hold. well as of now my main goal is to continuing swimming, yoga lessons and doodle a day. Nice writeup. Thank you.

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    • I agree that staying on one track can get boring. It’s good to have multiple goals and create balance with them but when a person really wants to complete a task I think they should solely focus on that task until it’s finished. Swimming, yoga and doodling are great! Thanks for your kind words.


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