Space Pioneers

Imagine hundreds of years from now…Humans discussing the past, discussing the time and place we are currently in.

We are living in the generation where space exploration is just getting started. We are the pioneers of space.

Do you think the first created ships successfully sailed?
Maybe, but I’m sure a lot of them failed. 

We are in that stage for space exploration.

We are creating and testing spaceships that work and learning from what doesn’t work.

Create. Adapt. Learn. Fail. Try Again.

This leads to the topic of perspective. Yes we have come a long way as humans but we are still in the beginning stages of many things, such as space exploration.

This perspective of seeing life through a lens of being in the beginning of creation, adaptation, advancement, etc inspires me and inspires the pioneers of the unknown.

They look to the future. I look to the future. The Universe is vast.

And I appreciate the range of perspectives life has given all of us.

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