It’s okay to fail


It can be defined in a number of different ways.

The first definition of failure in the dictionary is “lack of success.”

The second definition of failure in the dictionary is “the omission of expected or required action.”

There are more definitions of failure in the dictionary and although they have close meanings, just a few different words can change the meaning of a word completely.

Looking at the first two definitions of failure it seems to me that those two definitions are quite different.

Personally I don’t believe “lack of success” is an accurate definition of failure because success can also be defined in countless ways. A lot of people consider having lots of money equals success but many people are born into wealth…Are they successful?

For me, the second definition of failure seems more accurate: “The omission of expected or required action.” This definition is more accurate because it tells me that failure is not doing what one knows they should do in order to achieve something. This definition is accurate to me even though successful people fail from time to time. The one thing they don’t do is fail for good. They persist through failure. They see failure as a lesson to learn from instead of a barrier.

It really is okay to fail. And it’s okay to give up too. It’s all okay. But can you accept giving up in pursuit of something you haven’t achieved yet? 

Pursuing a dream will involve failures. You choose if they are temporary or fatal failures. Your real choices show up in your actions.

It truly is okay either way. The world will go on with or without us. The real question is, will you go on with or without your dream?

Ken Thompson fail



Space Pioneers

Imagine hundreds of years from now…Humans discussing the past, discussing the time and place we are currently in.

We are living in the generation where space exploration is just getting started. We are the pioneers of space.

Do you think the first created ships successfully sailed?
Maybe, but I’m sure a lot of them failed. 

We are in that stage for space exploration.

We are creating and testing spaceships that work and learning from what doesn’t work.

Create. Adapt. Learn. Fail. Try Again.

This leads to the topic of perspective. Yes we have come a long way as humans but we are still in the beginning stages of many things, such as space exploration.

This perspective of seeing life through a lens of being in the beginning of creation, adaptation, advancement, etc inspires me and inspires the pioneers of the unknown.

They look to the future. I look to the future. The Universe is vast.

And I appreciate the range of perspectives life has given all of us.