How I Interned with the best selling author Ryan Holiday

I hadn’t checked out Tattered Cover’s website in literally months when an intuitive thought came to me to check out their website. So I did, and saw that Ryan Holiday was coming for a book signing 2 days from the day I checked the site!!

He was scheduled to do a talk and signing from 7-8pm, the only problem was that I worked until 8pm…

Anyway, I took time to draft up a genuine letter from my heart to give to him if I was able to meet him. I got done with work at 8:00pm on the dot that day, which is normal, and I rushed to my car to drive to the Tattered Cover bookstore. I got there in about 10 minutes and literally ran from my car to the bookstore – since it was downtown I had to park a few blocks away.

After getting into the bookstore I asked a worker if Ryan was still there and they told me yes and pointed to where he was. I excitedly but calmly walked closer to him and got in line to meet him. I had my letter with me and I also picked up one of his books to buy-Ego Is the Enemy, which I highly recommend!

I asked some people in line about the talk Ryan had given for the past hour before meeting him. They didn’t tell me much but I was still excited that I was about to meet him. A few minutes later I was at the front of the line. I gave him my letter, we spoke of the book Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, he signed my book and we took a picture together. It was surreal in the moment but the moment got even more surreal a few weeks later…

Ken Thompson Ryan Holiday

He read the letter I gave him and emailed me a few weeks after the book signing telling me his company was hiring interns. I had a few tasks to complete for him to see if they wanted to hire me for sure so I did those, which were writing assignments, and he ended up hiring me.

I worked under him for months in which in which I researched and wrote a lottttttt, a lot a lot a lot!!! Haha. I am happy for the challenges he gave me, which I completed, because it has made me a better writer and researcher, but I still have a lot to learn.

We wrote and edited in google docs together and it felt pretty awesome to know that I’m working with Ryan Holiday. I put in my best effort and I think he could see that by the amount of things I completed in the time we worked together. 

Anyway, it was an incredible experience working with Ryan and one of the main messages I am giving you is that a single letter can change your entire life.

Go to the book signing.
Write the letter.
Pursue your dreams.
And work hard when opportunity arises.