The POWER of Belief

Was there a time when you believed in something so deeply you knew it to be true with all your heart and soul?

Maybe it was around Christmas time, a Holiday, or your first love?

Or maybe it was sitting in a chair you knew wouldn’t break?

Some things are easier to believe in than others, like trusting the chair you’re sitting in won’t break, but what if you could apply that same trust into areas of your life?

Here is one technique that has helped people such as Tony Robbins and many others acquire success:

Ask yourself, “If I had to believe my goals and dreams were possible to attain, how could I believe it?”

As you continue to ask yourself this question, and related questions to help grow your belief, your belief can grow. Here are 2 more questions to ask yourself:

“What would make me believe my goals and dreams are possible?”


“What action can I take today to get closer to my goals and dreams?”

As much as we can think about our goals and dreams, actions are still needed, but it does begin with the mind by asking ourself questions.

Here are a couple quotes from famous people on this:

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” 
― Albert Einstein

“Watch your thoughts, they become words. Watch your words, they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habit.”
― Laozi

I’ve asked myself these questions, as well as others, and it has led me to some pretty awesome things, like interning with Ryan Holiday, which started as an idea in my mind.

Here is the full story of how it came to be.

Belief is a difficult thing, but we can strengthen our beliefs by consistently programming our brains with quality questions. In time, we will see progress within ourselves, as well as on the outside.

How I Interned with the best selling author Ryan Holiday

I hadn’t checked out Tattered Cover’s website in literally months when an intuitive thought came to me to check out their website. So I did, and saw that Ryan Holiday was coming for a book signing 2 days from the day I checked the site!!

He was scheduled to do a talk and signing from 7-8pm, the only problem was that I worked until 8pm…

Anyway, I took time to draft up a genuine letter from my heart to give to him if I was able to meet him. I got done with work at 8:00pm on the dot that day, which is normal, and I rushed to my car to drive to the Tattered Cover bookstore. I got there in about 10 minutes and literally ran from my car to the bookstore – since it was downtown I had to park a few blocks away.

After getting into the bookstore I asked a worker if Ryan was still there and they told me yes and pointed to where he was. I excitedly but calmly walked closer to him and got in line to meet him. I had my letter with me and I also picked up one of his books to buy-Ego Is the Enemy, which I highly recommend!

I asked some people in line about the talk Ryan had given for the past hour before meeting him. They didn’t tell me much but I was still excited that I was about to meet him. A few minutes later I was at the front of the line. I gave him my letter, we spoke of the book Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, he signed my book and we took a picture together. It was surreal in the moment but the moment got even more surreal a few weeks later…

Ken Thompson Ryan Holiday

He read the letter I gave him and emailed me a few weeks after the book signing telling me his company was hiring interns. I had a few tasks to complete for him to see if they wanted to hire me for sure so I did those, which were writing assignments, and he ended up hiring me.

I worked under him for months in which in which I researched and wrote a lottttttt, a lot a lot a lot!!! Haha. I am happy for the challenges he gave me, which I completed, because it has made me a better writer and researcher, but I still have a lot to learn.

We wrote and edited in google docs together and it felt pretty awesome to know that I’m working with Ryan Holiday. I put in my best effort and I think he could see that by the amount of things I completed in the time we worked together. 

Anyway, it was an incredible experience working with Ryan and one of the main messages I am giving you is that a single letter can change your entire life.

Go to the book signing.
Write the letter.
Pursue your dreams.
And work hard when opportunity arises.